Circuit Mission Project 2017/2018

This year the circuit are supporting the work of the Friends of Khasdobir who are in partnership with the Khasdobir Youth Action group (KYAG), working to deliver a better future for people in Sylhet, Bangladesh. KYAG is a locally-run educational and welfare project which is based in a cluster of villages known as Khasdobir. Most of the people which they help are women and children.
They provide Schools under the Sky which prepares 3 - 6 year olds for primary school so that they can recognise numbers and letters.
High school support provides extra coaching in the key subjects of English, Maths and science.
A sewing workshop provides training for young women in all aspects of making clothes. it is a one year course which helps them to get a job at the end of it in local tailoring shops or factories.
The charity supports the widows, giving them money so that they can pay rent or buy food.
if you are interested in learning more they have their own website: