Boy's Brigade

A 'fresh expression' of Circuit mission was begun in May 2011 with the formation of a Boys' Brigade (BB) Company. Founded in 1883 The Boys’ Brigade has sought to advance Christ’s Kingdom amongst Boys by offering them a leisure time activity based upon a wide programme of disciplined activities in a strong Christian fellowship. All BB Companies are registered within a Church.

In 2011 the Circuit approved the formation of the 1st Northallerton Company. Uniquely in the UK, this Company is the responsibility of the Circuit, not that of any individual church. It serves Northallerton, Brompton and Romanby, drawing support in staff and resources from the wider Circuit reservoir. Ownership of the Company is thus a unifying factor in Circuit life.

Between 1967 and 1992 there was a Company based at the All Saints Anglican Church in the town, and one at the Romanby Methodist Church from 1970-79, so there is a heritage to build upon.

In May 2011 twenty or so Boys aged 6-9 came along to Romanby to find what it was all about and the Company was formally enrolled in the following September at the Romanby Church with representatives from BB HQ and the Darlington Battalion as BB witnesses in front of good crowds of parents and Church members.

Today the Company still welcomes 20 or so boys and girls into its membership. Seven of this number have been with the 1st since its launch. Three of the original Staff are still with us – Stuart, Lynn and Derek- and we are very grateful for the very active support of parents on a Thursday evening. As we enter our sixth year the Company really needs a couple more Christian people who are prepared to take on the leadership training and the week by week commitment.

We operate a 3-section company programme : 5-8 with the Anchors, 8-11 in the Juniors and 10-14 for members of the Company Section with a variety of activities and challenges in line with the Brigade’s Badge Award system . We seek to be able to demonstrate the fullness of life that is Christ’s will for all young people.

The Company pulls its weight in supporting Circuit-chosen charities locally and internationally each year. The Company is grateful of the occasional opportunity to use the facilities of the local Junior School. An annual highlight occurs on Remembrance Sunday when we are privileged to take part in the services, alongside representatives of other organisations and civic dignitaries.

Financially the Company has been grateful for the support of the Circuit, firstly in paying for the costs of sending our leaders on the appropriate training courses, and secondly in providing a hut built on Romanby premises to store its equipment. With the efforts of the Company and thanks to sundry generous donors the Company is well funded and able to manage its own affairs.

We still have room for more boys and girls. If you know someone who might be interested in joining us, why not urge them to come on a Thursday evening and see what we are like!