Godly Play at Sowerby

Godly Play happens…………
On the first Sunday of each month in the schoolroom of Sowerby Methodist Church from 10.30am - 11.30am
I wonder……What is Godly Play?
Godly Play is…………….
An imaginative and creative approach to working with children.
An approach which supports, challenges, nourishes and helps guide children in their spiritual adventure.
A way of entering into our parables, sacred stories, silence and liturgy in order to discover God, ourselves, one another, and the world around us.

All children between the ages of 5-11yrs are invited to the Godly Play sessions. They will not go into church first but will be welcomed at the school room door at 10.30am
They will be encouraged to listen, wonder, and respond to Bible stories in their own time and way.

Godly Play Sessions………….
The Godly Play circle is built slowly and lovingly, to welcome each child, one at a time. When children arrive they wait outside the door while a member of Junior Church staff, the ‘Doorkeeper’ helps them get ready to join the circle and the Storyteller. Goodbyes are said at the door, knowing that the hour will be a safe and welcoming time for every child.